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It is said that life is a book and those who do not travel has only read one page. As I am an actual bookworm, I also take this saying into heart and believe that I have to travel and explore to fully live. Also, I believe that being outside one’s comfort zone, in a new environment surrounded by foreign people who may be speaking in different tongues, is one of the best ways to learn. And as I take this journey to learn about the world around me and discover myself in the process, I decided to create a new website to log my thoughts and experiences, places I have been, dishes I have tasted, and people I have met along the road.

where monica goes, travel, blogger, europe, germany, exchange student, about

Where Monica Goes is a brainchild of my sleep-deprived brain during one of those cold winter nights. I was in a night train crossing central Europe when I thought of writing again – this time solely about traveling. The website would have five main topics – guides, tips, diaries, bucket lists and student exchange memoirs. I plan to write new posts at least once a week and at least one travel guide per month. As long as my schedule permits, I would love to write more on here.

Currently, I am in Germany under an exchange program and student life makes me busy. Still, I am having the time of my life here and I’d like to chronicle my journey as a student and traveler in Europe and around the world.

I hope that Where Monica Goes will provide help for those who seek guides and travel tips around cities and tourist attractions where I have been, updates for those who want to see my daily chronicles in some of my selected trips and entertainment for those who are curious enough to read how my days go in the university. All in all, I am looking forward to contribute something in the Internet and be of use to some people.

Everyone, please join my journey and follow Where Monica Goes!


Disclaimer: Views, thoughts and opinions expressed in this website are my own and do not reflect and represent the views of my employer and organization.


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